Love, Evermore

Goodbye February -Love, Evermore

I couldn’t let February leave without offering up a tribute to all that we get from this gloriously complex month.

Nestled between December's holiday highs and March's promise of spring, February is many things. It's perpetually overcast, cold and seemingly oblivious to our need for sunshine. The winter sky is pale and so far-away. One day its cold, the next day, balmy; one day crisp blue skies and the next, swollen clouds. No wonder Valentine’s Day falls square in the middle of the month. By then, I think everybody needs a pick me up! I recently posted on Instagram that, save for Valentine’s Day, February was my least favorite month. Even my husband agreed and he's optimistic about everything. But, just when you say to yourself I'm so over the whole thing, the February sky presents you with the most dazzling pink and red sunset you’ve ever seen; instantly reminding you of how beautiful life is. A reminder that everything really is love and how fortunate are we, in spite of it all, to take part in it.

By Valentine’s Day, the days really do start to feel different. You can count on at least one full moon and this year, we even had a Supermoon! Perfect for Valentines. Picture a beautiful sunset followed by a dazzling winter moon high above two heads bent over a note of “Be Mine” or a sparkling new ring or love poem, dramatic and sincere, given with the hope of a future. Whoever forgets their first love and their first real valentine. That’s February!

Soon the short days are on the downgrade and, suddenly, things are moving faster, daylight lingers, spring is on the way and something magical is amidst. Things start to come alive again and, at last, we are reminded that winter really does have a happy ending. All at once, love is everywhere and everything- again.

Love, Evermore.

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