Flower Arrangements

Blissfully Yours . . . from


I grew up in a small town and Sallis Soapery was born out of sweet memories of  my quaint little place in the south. Like most small towns, Sallis was home to tight knit families, kind hearts, long summers, fun-filled days, and mostly good times. Life was small and scheduled around simple things like school, church, prom, the change of seasons.  But what set it apart were the sweet smells of Sallis.  Smells of honeysuckle, jasmine, magnolia, gardenias, roses and the like.  Blissful, exotic, and memorable, there seemed to be a scent for every season. Those memories remain. Sallis Soapery was born out of those blissful, savory moments from long ago.  It is my hope that each time you get a whiff of these delightful soaps, it conjures up feelings of joy and bliss in you as well.  I hope you enjoy!